Freemasonry is one of the most antient institutions and still attracts today millions of good men uniting them in a chain of brotherhood. It has made a huge beneficial impact on the development of civilization and social progress in the past 300 years. Freemasonry is a Brotherhood of men, professing common moral and ethical values. The order of Freemasons is not a substitute for religion. The doors of the Temple are open to all men, in good standing, who are striving to achieve self-perfection and moral development, irrespective of their religion, racial and political differences.

Freemasonry is a philosophic, educational, philanthropic and devotional institution. The opportunity for devotion is predicated on the education of the Brethren into a system of degrees directed toward the perfection of the individual through symbolism. From there, Freemasons transmit their knowledge and provide continuity in the education, using the symbols in an allegorical way.


The Grand Master of the UGLB

MW Bro Nikolay Bojilov

“Considering the seriousness of the changes on a global scale of all activities in the economic, political, intellectual and spiritual aspects of day-to-day life of the people worldwide, we cannot overlook both the unavoidable changes, which have arisen, and will continue to accompany us in our everyday life and activities of free men, members of one of the oldest Orders and societies globally. The incessant changes associated with this global problem place us in a situation whereby we have to react in an adequate and timely fashion, by promoting our charitable and alimental activities, thus assisting people in need. Our principles, aims and ideas for commiseration, are a means for rendering assistance and support for the ones in need. We have always supported our country and the state institutions thereof. In this connection, today, we are initiating an act of collaboration with the Agency for Social Assistance by means of a national campaign, with the motto „Concern for each in need “.


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