United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria

Short History of UGLB

Freemasonry came to Bulgaria when the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia consecrated the Lodges “Sgovor”, “Svetlina” (A) and “Zarya” and on the 5th December 1992, these Lodges together founded the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria. Because of some unfortunate disputes within the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia, it decided to expell certain members and re-named itself the Regular […]

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Bulgarian Freemasonry After 1992

BULGARIAN FREEMASONRY AFTER 1992 From the Book ‘25 Years, The United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria’ Written by VW Bro Mihail Dimitrov, Past Grand Orator of UGLB.   The socio-political changes in Bulgaria after 1989, became the basis for the re-establishment of a number of institutions and structures from earlier times; one of which was Freemasonry. […]

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Charter of Bulgarian Freemasonry

Grasped from the depths of world civilizations, the imperious cry for human perfection, seeing the primordial truth of the abyss, standing between the grandeur of the spiritual and the daily routine of the material, filled with the insight of painfully difficult construction and reckless easy demolition, being charged with the willingness to accept any challenge […]

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Grand Lodges in Fraternal Relations

GRAND LODGES IN FRATERNAL RELATIONS WITH THE UNITED GRAND LODGE OF BULGARIA   1 Burkina Faso, Grande Lodge of Africa 2 Congo, Grand lodge of Africa 3 Gabon, Grand Lodge of Africa 4 Guinea, National Grand Lodge of Africa 5 Ivory Coast, Grand Lodge of Africa 6 Madagascar, Grand Lodge of Africa 7 Mali, National […]

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Grand Masters

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Lodges within UGLB

Balchik, Kavarna, Shabla Black Sea Anchor Lodge No. 57 (English-speaking Lodge) Kibela Lodge No.46 Kruni Lodge No.79 Blagoevgrad Makedonska Zora Lodge No.24 Burgas Burgos Lodge No.104 Petko Yovchev Lodge No.119 Pontika Lodge No.86 Sveti Kliment Ohridski Lodge No.31 Varna Ararat Lodge No.76 Vernite Priateli Lodge No.95 Vazrazhdane Lodge No.116 Morska Zvezda Lodge No.8 Morska Zvezda […]

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