Charter of Bulgarian Freemasonry


Grasped from the depths of world civilizations, the imperious cry for human perfection, seeing the primordial truth of the abyss, standing between the grandeur of the spiritual and the daily routine of the material, filled with the insight of painfully difficult construction and reckless easy demolition, being charged with the willingness to accept any challenge to the human race as their own, has accepted the command to work constantly for the triumph of Beauty and Truth over the brutality and prejudice of the world, heeded the wise example of the strength of the bundle of sticks as the archetype of the brotherly chain compared to the weakness of the lonely twig, which overcame the break resulting from hasty growth, but remembers too the wounds from their fall; suffered the pain from the blows of public distrust, but also remained intact by their strength, standing like a barricade around the pedestal of the free spirit, but having commanded themselves to take each step forward into the Great Construction of the Universe with great humility,

Bulgarian Freemasonry, in unison with contemporary world Freemasonry, practiced for over three Centuries, declares its undiminished dedication towards the proclamation of its undeviating adherence to the values of life, and thus declares that:

  • The efforts of every Bulgarian Freemason will be directed solely towards working for the prosperity of the Bulgarian Republic and the Bulgarian nation;
  • Together with his fellow Brother masons spread over the face of the Earth, he will make every effort toward the building of a better world: more benevolent, wiser, more beautiful and stronger especially when it comes to the protection of genuine human values;
  • He will constantly work for the strengthening of the World Chain of Brotherhood, jealously protecting it from every threat and danger and at the same time perceiving it to be a symbol of Unity with the Great Architect of the Universe, the ideological Masonic symbol of perfection;
  • He will ensure to undertake the sustainable cultivation of self-improvement, as well as fostering the moral and virtuous growth of his fellow members, that they may rise with similar qualities to the position of indisputably positive examples of fit members of society;
  • He will endeavor to ensure that the daily intrusions of the profane life do not displace his innermost pursuit of the philosophical intellectual elevation of Freemasonry;
  • He will adhere to the Basic Masonic Principles of regularity within the Jurisdiction of Bulgaria without compromise, upholding its identity and ensuring it is a fit model of modern life;
  • He will abide by the requirement that the masonic workings be limited to the Three Symbolic Degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason;
  • Freemasonry will integrate within each of its acts the Landmarks on which it was founded: of Brotherly Love, in constant search of Truth, and the eagerness to resolve Relief;
  • It will strive to construct its micro-society to be a mirror to all social horizons in Bulgaria, bearing the colourful multitude of contemporaneity, which is no longer connected to a single monolithic idea;
  • It will cultivate among its members the constant pursuit of mutual respect, tolerance and benevolence, giving unconditional priority to the philosophy of evolution over the forcefulness of revolutions;
  • It will demonstrate, through the individual perceptions of its members, unwavering firmness against any proclamation of doctrines inciting any kind of segregation;
  • It will protect, by all legitimate means, that life which is filled with the spirit of brotherhood, undisturbed by natural human differences, declaring that there is not one person, a priori higher or lower than the other, accepting the great ethnic and cultural diversity related to the different stages in the development of human societies;
  • It will work to strengthen the link between society and the Order, whilst at the same time preventing any misuse of position by the brotherhood which might result in personal or group gain, which might well provoke official reaction, especially regarding political or religious issues;
  • And as a result of everything outlined above:

  • It will be a society of free men, who have dedicated themselves to the Brotherhood and who have undertaken the mission to spread its light throughout the world.


This Charter was accepted by the Regular Assembly of the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, held on the 21st March 2009 in the town of Stara Zagora.


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