The 141st Anniversary of Simeon Radev

On the 9th of January 2020, on the occasion of the 141st Anniversary of the birth of Simeon Radev, a special ceremony organised by “Simeon Radev” Lodge from Sofia took place in front of the monument of the famous Bulgarian writer, publicist, diplomat and Freemason. Simeon Radev is the author of the book “Builders of contemporary Bulgaria”. His monument was paid for and erected by UGLB in the park, next to the National Palace of Culture.

In celebration of the 141st Anniversary of his birth, representatives of UGLB and “Simeon Radev” Lodge, laid wreaths and flowers. Among them was the creator of the monument, the sculptor Yanko Bonev, Past Grand Master of UGLB. Also present were his relatives and students from Simeon Radev High School in the town of Pernik, as well as citizens of Sofia..

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