The Masonic Charity Ball For a Better City gathered the brothers in Plovdiv

The Annual Masonic Charity Christmas Ball “For a better city” in Plovdiv was held on the 16th December 2019 in “Bendida” Hall in “Grand Hotel Plovdiv”. The festive program involved greetings, toasts, music, auction and lottery. All the guests and their ladies received Christmas gifts.

The Grand Master of UGLB, MW Bro Iskren Yotov, accompanied by members of the Board of Grand Officers and Past Grand Masters were official guests at the Ball. As a tradition, the Grand Master MW Bro Iskren Yotov opened the celebration and raised the first toast for the Country.

This year, the Masters of Lodges from Plovdiv and Pazardzhik embraced the idea, that the motto for the Charity Ball will be “To lend a hand and support the talent for the realisation of dreams”, and the funds which was raised will be dedicated to support disadvantaged young people in order to help them to acquire a one-year additional professional qualification and other competencies.

The brothers accompanied by their ladies, took an active part in donating items for the auction, the bidding itself, participating in the raffle and making personal donations in support of the charity. The active participation of all present helped to raise 7 200 Bulgarian leva for the noble cause.

The host of the evening was Bro G.K., Master of “Dagata na Plovdiv” Lodge from Plovdiv who was responsible for the proceedings of the evening and the festive mood throughout. The aftermath of that gathering proved that all brothers within the chain of UGLB are united in the name of the Great Architect of the Universe and in their endeavour to work together for a better society.

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